Why Does Your Dog Sit On Your Feet?

Why Does Your Dog Sit On Your Feet?

Our pooches have many quirks, but sitting on our feet may seem like strange one.  Surprisingly there’s more to it than our dogs simply wanting a belly rub: sitting on your feet can be seen as guarding you, it’s a way of your pooch marking you as their territory, but most importantly it’s their way of showing they just want to be near you.


They’re guarding you

The best way your pooch can show how much you mean to them is by guarding you – now this isn’t out of fear for you, it’s purely to show that they want to keep you all to themselves.  By being close to young physically touching you, they’re showing you that they’re there for you.

You may find that your pooch sits on the feet of one of you and not the other…. in doing this they’ve declared their favourite!


They’re marking their territory

When you’re out with your pup and around other dogs, sitting at your feet is their way of telling other dogs that you’re taken and belong to them- it’s their way of making a statement to the other dogs around. We like to think we own our pups, and they think exactly the same way too – we belong to them and they aren’t afraid to show it.

This is why our dogs love and crave our attention so much – they have so much love for us, and what better way to enjoy your time with them than playing with some fabulous toys from your Milo’s Mail box?!


They’re feeling anxious

If your pooch has been left alone or away from you for a prolonged period of time they may begin to feel anxious and just want to be near you. Every dog is different and whilst some of used to being alone whilst you work, others feel social anxiety if you just pop to the shop.

This is why when you return they follow you, sit on your feet and just want to constantly be around you – they’ve missed you and are happy you’ve returned.


Sitting at your feet may seem like an unusual trait, but it’s your dog’s way of showing you their unconditional love.


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