Why Does Your Dog Destroy Toys?

Why Does Your Dog Destroy Toys?

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying your dog a new expensive toy for it to be a puff of filling a few minutes later.  However, it’s not always a negative as to why they’re being destructive. After all, it’s what toys are for, and usually they’re having fun in doing it.

With our Milo’s Mail dog subscription boxes, we’ve tried to select some toys that won’t turn into a cloud within minutes: Milo has a habit of trying to get the squeaker out of toys (he finds it fun!), so if a toy has passed this test it’ll go in the box.

If you find that your dog (like Milo!) is destructive with their toys, here’s a few reasons why it could be:

  • Boredom

Sitting at home all day can be boring (even as a human!), so if your dog has constant access to their toys and spends all day staring at the same four walls they’re bound to get bored.  Frustration is then taken out on their toys.

To prevent this, keep your dog occupied throughout the day with playtime, walks and fuss.  Their boredom levels will drop and you’ll find that toys start to last longer.

  • They Find It Fun

Toys are fun and playing with toys is fun.  Milo finds so much fun in pulling a squeaker out of a toy – he’ll sit there determined for hours to get the squeaker out and I don’t mind because his tail is wagging and we make a game out of it.

Obviously you don’t want to pay a high price for toys to just be destroyed, which is why we’ve aimed to source a mixture of stronger toys, squeaky toys and rope toys in our boxes.  This way you get the best of both worlds without breaking the bank.

  • Lack of Stimulation

If your dog is left alone for a prolonged period of time without any stimulation but has toys around them, they’ll interact with the toys but are more likely to chew and gnaw at them as they’re having to play alone… causing destruction.

  • We’ve Taught Them To Destroy

As puppies we actively egg our pups on to play tugging with their toys and odds are we’ve coo’ed at them when they’ve broken a toy and given us the puppy dog eyes!  As they’ve grown older, theses mannerisms have stay and they’ll continue destroying toys – they think you like it!

  • They Have Access To Toys Constantly

Contrary to popular belief, your pup shouldn’t be able to access their toys at all times.  Toys should be given as a treat or during playtime, then stored away after. Many people give toys when their dog is being left alone for a short period of time or at scheduled times during the day.

If your dog constantly has access to their toys then naturally their destruction rate will increase, as they become bored during the day and the toys bear the brunt of the boredom.

  • Separation Anxiety

When suffering from separation anxiety dogs can become destructive (and not just with their toys), due to their fear of being alone.  We’ve previously covered this topic, with advice for how to ease separation anxiety as it’s something Milo suffers with.


The most important thing to remember is that dog toys aren’t built to last forever…. our record is Milo’s giant snake which has lasted over five months and that’s a miracle for Milo!


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