Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Dogs sleep way more than we do, however they also disturb and awake more often, as they’re more alert.  The amount of time your dog sleeps depends on their level of activity throughout the day and their routine.  Milo loves to have a snooze in the day…. He likes to snore too!

As you’d expect, working dogs sleep less throughout the day than stay at home dogs, as they have a routine.  Dogs at home often sleep because they’re bored, rather than actually needing the sleep; so where possible it’s best to work a routine for your dog to keep them active and keep them engaged with dog toys and fun activities.

Our routine is fairly simple: Milo’s up early with me each morning and goes for a walk just after lunch.  As he’s going to have a quiet morning, we tend to have little bursts of play to keep him active before his walk, he then snoozes in-between these (and I get work done!).  After his walk he has what I call his proper big sleep, where he’s in full snoring mode – this is a sleep he actually needs as he’s tired from his walk – it’s his REM sleep.

What Is REM Sleep?

REM sleep or Rapid Eye Movement sleep occurs after around ten minutes of sleeping, and can be referred to as the dream stage.  Humans experience REM too, however in dogs you may see them rolling their eyes under the lid, making small barks and whines and leg jerks – it’s like they’re entering a dream.  Puppies experience longer periods of REM than adult dogs, as they tend to be more active and require more energy gaining sleep.

Reasons For Long Sleeps

In addition to actually just being tired, your pup may be sleep more for a number of reasons:

  • Boredom

If your dog isn’t going for regular walks or playing, they may be bored so just sleep.  Use toys and games to keep your dog stimulated if you’re unable to take them out. You can even get fancy toys like the iFetch which allow your pup to play fetch alone!

  • Age

Like humans, older dogs need more sleep and wear out easier – therefore don’t be concerned if your dog sleeps for longer during the day as it ages.  Adapt your walks and playing to their new stamina.

  • Changes

Moving home, suffering a loss, a breakup – any change in status will affect your dog, as it impacts your day to day.  You may find your dog sleeps for longer periods of time whilst they’re getting used to new surroundings and lifestyle.  Help your pup to adjust and be patient with them, however if you are concerned then speak with your vet.

  • Illness

Increased sleep levels may be a sign of illness in your dog.  From simple stomach aches, to sadly more serious issues, your dog may sleep more if they’re unwell (just as we would).  If you’re concerned you should speak with your vet.

The most common reasons for your dog sleeping so much are simply tiredness or boredom, and we can help you with the latter.  In your Milo’s Mail dog subscription box you’ll find a range of toys, treats and accessories each month.  We aim to vary the toys included, their style, texture and play style, to help keep your dog stimulated.


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