What Is the Law On Dogs Travelling In Cars?

What Is the Law On Dogs Travelling In Cars?

Almost two thirds of us are unaware that driving with an unrestrained dog in the car can attract a fine of up to £5,000 for careless driving.  Research from Confused.com suggests that over half of UK Pet owners were also unaware that letting their dog loose in the car could invalidate their insurance.

The Dangers Of Having Your Dog In The Car

One of the main dangers of driving with your pooch unrestrained is the most obvious: distracting you.  The last thing you (or other drivers) want is for you to become distracted by your dog when driving, leading to an accident.  In fact, one in ten drivers have either had an accident or know someone who has whilst having an unrestrained pet in the car.

Your dog may be anxious when in the car so demand your attention – your attention needs to be on the road, not on your pup.  In having your pup restrained in the boot of your car, they’re out the way and safe, meaning you have full concentration.

How Can You & Your Dog Remain Safe?

So what can we do to safely transport our pooches in our cars? Dog crates are an ideal solution: they keep your pooch safe and confined, whilst ensuring they can’t jump around and distract you whilst driving.

Crates won’t fit into the boots of all cars though – I’d have no chance getting a crate big enough for Milo in my boot, so I use a dog guard..  These tend to attach to the headrest of your back seats and prevent your pooch from climbing out of the boot onto the back seats.

Seat belt harnesses are a third option- these allow you to restrain your dog on the back seat of the car; however if your dog sheds anything like Milo it’s not the ideal solution as your back seat will end up covered in hairs!

What’s most important though is that on any car journeys with your pooch you take plenty of water and toys to keep them occupied – we can help with the toys part!.


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