Let’s Put An End To Mucky Pups

Milo’s Mail are joining the crusade against dog fouling, by including 120 dog poo bags in every box purchased during February & March 2019.

There are an estimated 8 million plus dogs in the UK, producing more than 1,000 tonnes of mess daily…. Imagine if every dog owner was irresponsible and didn’t clear their dog’s mess?!

It’s not just the cost to our environment and health that’s an issue in dog fouling. In 2005 it was estimated that the local authority costs of clearing up dog waste exceeded £20 million per year.  We can all agree that these funds could be much better used elsewhere; so why do dog owners not clear up their pup’s waste?

Research by Keep Britain Tidy found that the most common reason for dog owners not picking up poop were:

  • Lack of nearby bins (54%)
  • Forgetting to pick it up (40%)
  • Bins Being Too Full (26%)

“It’s terrible to think that owners aren’t clearing up their dog’s waste and expecting someone else to do it – it’s part of being a responsible dog owner”, states Milo’s Mail owner Laura Hogan. “At Milo’s Mail we encourage having fun with your pup and we want our subscribers to be fully prepared for any business when out – therefore we’re adding a pack of 100 poo bags to every box purchased before the end of March”.

Dog owners in the UK can be fined for not collecting their dog’s mess, with fees differing from council to council, but averaging £50 to £80. In some constituencies, you can even receive a penalty for not carrying poo bags when taking your dog for a walk.

There’s no excuse to be left without a poo bag!” finished Hogan.