How To Get Fit With Your Dog

How To Get Fit With Your Dog

How many of us are planning on joining the gym in the New Year?  I bet there’s a few of you nodding…. I’m allergic to the gym so I won’t be with you – instead I get fit with Milo. That’s right, I build his walks around fitness goals, and it’s a ton cheaper than a gym subscription.

Getting Fit In The Park

We take one of his favourite Milo’s Mail toys out with us and spend a good hour in the fields playing fetch, tugging and running around.  It’s part of our daily routine and each day Milo’s ready, sitting at the door with today’s toy.

If you’re more of a suburban pooch, there’s plenty of other options to exercise with your dog.  If you walk in a park, why not consider (in addition to your walk):

  • Push ups on benches
  • Lunges whilst walking
  • Sprints with your pooch
  • Even planking whilst your pup sits

There’s a number of dog walking groups organised on social media you can join and arrange playdays through too.  Milo attends one every Sunday morning which is purely Beagles – we found it via Facebook.

What Is Dog Yoga?

Doggy Yoga is another option; and whilst it isn’t about your dog doing the yoga moves, it’s an excellent way for the two of you to bond.  You complete the yoga routine, with your pup by your side.

Leash Your Fitness held the largest dog yoga event, which saw over 265 pups and their owners complete a 40 minute yoga session together; filled with both walks and drills for the dogs and meditative poses for the humans.

Dog Yoga is something you can do from the comfort of your home; we’d even suggest incorporating movement with tug toys for your pup, as you can get them to stretch and jump whilst playing.

Go Exploring

Dog friendly venues are becoming more common throughout the UK, so lets take advantage of them – KC Dog Friendly has an awesome list of pubs, restaurants, hotels and venues you can visits; Pets Pyjamas offer dog friendly holidays too – Milo and I have booked through them and it was seamless.

However, there’s nothing wrong with packing up the car and taking a drive to the countryside, a nature park or an English Heritage site, you’ll be able to maintain your fitness with walking (with hills even better!), whilst your pup can do the same – taking toys with you allows you to give them the opportunity to sprint too.


Sharing exercise with your pooch is so much fun and allows you to spend quality time together, just remember to take plenty of water for you both!


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